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  • Solstice Greetings and a very merry Christmas, Love Stellar

Stellar has been singing professionally since she was 16 years old. She came runner up in a singer/songwriter competition for 7-Up in 1986 and ever since has been using her vocal skills in a wide range of genres. When she was 19 she was resident jazz vocalist at the Ritz Hotel, London with the Vile Bodies jazz orchestra. Spanning her almost 30 year career she has sung on many TV and cinema advertisements and has a repertoire of over 45 trad jazz standards. In more recent times Stellar has a passion for singing in ancient languages and sacred chants in the Divine frequency of 432Hz.

Her most notable accomplishment was in 2011 where she recorded her second album, The Sounds of Light, in the kings chamber of the great pyramid of Giza, Egypt. Whilst she was in the pyramid she mapped the interior resonance of the kings chamber and created an impulse response of the resonance which is now used by music professionals the world over and is an integral part of many Hollywood movie sound FX. This impulse response can be found on Altiverb 7.

She has been fortunate enough to work with some of the worlds best musicians, producers, musical directors and composers over the last 3 decades. Her passion is for the science of sound and the use of the human voice in sacred sites and spaces. She lives in Northern Ireland and regularly takes groups to various sacred sites on the Emerald Isle as well as France, Greece and Egypt. She has 9 released solo works and one of them is published by New World Music. You can find all her solo works here. http://stellar1.bandcamp.com

More recently Stellar has teamed up with German award winning composer Peter Ries and was a guest vocalist with his act Saint of Sin, which has been remixed by Toi Doi and the Conclave Records network. She also did a collaboration in Pythagorean tuning with Derrick Van Heerden called Divine Harmony, which continues to touch hearts the world over. Stellar is embarking on a new project with award winning film composer Craig Pruess who is pursuing the 432Hz mission with Stellar and various string orchestras as well as a new album which was recorded in France called "The Magdalene Codes".

She performed at the Puretone Resonate Festival last year in Spain, hosted by Youth (Martin Glover of Killing Joke) at Space Mountain Studios.

In November 2016 she was invited to sing at the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance, accompanied by the Royal Irish Regimental Band, at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast. Her style is unique and very distinctive with beautiful, silky, soothing, heart opening healing tones and also very versatile, as she can sing in any genre.